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We are curious to discover and to share with you inspirational real life stories of career change, where success it’s only measured by inner personal satisfaction. Do you have a career change story to tell? Contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.
General Major Neil Marshall at the Invictus Games 2016

Military career change: How a lifetime in the army prepared me for a new career as a CEO

Major General Neil Marshall OBE, has experienced military career transition in his life. He left a prestigious role as Senior British Military Advisor for the United States Central Command ahead of time, intending to take control on the next stage of his career. From soul searching, to the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life, he shares in this honest interview with The Career Changers, the inspirational career change story that led him to become the CEO of the Forces Pension Society.

The career change that shaped my life. From Bank Clerk to a career in Online Advertising at Google, Yahoo and Verizon

This week, for The Career Changers Interviews, we met expat Henrique Martins, that changed his career from Bank Clerk to Online Advertising, after quickly realising that the reality of a local bank was not aligned with his passions. He was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. With a high school background in Banking, Henrique graduated from college in Marketing Management and started his online advertising career at Google and later with Yahoo, which led him to live in Dublin, Amsterdam and London before moving to Los Angeles in 2016. He’s now a Senior Account Lead at Verizon, managing end-to-end digital advertising campaigns for various brands.

To change the stigma about career change, we need to talk about multipotentiality. This is my story

Katiuscia Colombaro Flanagan, a professed multipotentialite, had an incredible career change story, that shows how an individual can go through life and overcome its challenges by making themselves flexible and open to use their skills and talents. She is the one that introduced me to the positive concept of multipotentialite – a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life – versus the negative one of job-hopping.
For Katiuscia the career change door opportunity opened after she was made redundant in a job she loved as Financial Service Administrator. After that she experienced life as a Chocolate Taster, (yes that’s correct!), Italian Teacher, Cat sitter, and lately Client Success Associate for a FinTech. And she is dreaming, one day, of becoming a Sommelier!

Christelle Pillot

My career change from Sales Manager to Life Coach

Christelle Pillot, experienced burnout during her fifteen years career as Sales Manager; “I had the impression that the work I was doing was useless. So, a useless job in a harmful environment. I felt drained and tied”. The burnout led her to go back to her real passion, Psychology and Personal Development, something she has discarded at a younger age in favour of a degree in Chemical Engineering. After continuing her job part-time, she also decided to get a Life Coach and Trainer certification before opening her business in 2016. She finally completed her career transition in 2018 when she quitted her job as International Sales Manager in Engineering

How I changed my career from Dancer to Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist

For The Career Changers Interviews we have met Mark Kelly, a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist that helps people heal their traumas. As a child, Mark wanted to be a businessman like his dad, but he became a dancer instead. At the age of 19, after training at the Dance School of Scotland and the Royal Ballet Upper School, he got his first professional dance job with the Scottish Ballet as a Junior Artist. After nine years he left to join Rambert, one of the most famous contemporary dance company based in London. In 2015, he started teaching ballet to adults and training to become a somatic coach. In this interview, he is talking about his professional life and his career change journey, from Dancer to Dance Teacher and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist.

Military career change: From the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) to life as a Cloistered Nun

Sister Susan Thompson joined the WRNS in 1982, at the age of 17. Feeling unsuited for the office life, she always wanted to be a policewoman, but her dreams were dashed when the minimum height requirements for the profession were changed. During a holiday in Portsmouth, Susan came across WRNS for the first time, and she decided to visit their recruitment office. Today she shares her career change stories with The Career Changers. From the six week training period during her 18th birthday to the excitement of working for the National Intelligence department and the thrill of receiving TOP SECRET messages, until the time in the Falklands when she first experienced the stirrings of a vocation to religious life.

How I changed my career from Dancer to Dance Teacher and Entrepreneur and kept my business going during COVID19

Today we meet Donna Schoenherr, Founder and Director of Ballet4life, an organisation that offers vocational dance education for adults. She is also the founder of Move into Wellbeing, a charitable organisation that provides dance and exercise classes for adults living with Parkinson’s and other mobility restrictions. From her early studies in dance in New York City to life as a dancer, she tells the story of her career change, from dancer to dance teacher and entrepreneur and how she made her business thrive during the COVID19.

From meeting VIP’s guests to the toll on my health. Why I left my job as a Housekeeper in one of the most exclusive hotels in London

Ann talks about her job as a housekeeper for one of the most exclusive five-star hotels in London. Here she learnt the secrets to provide a five-star experience to hotel’s guests and how to deal with VIP’s requests. She also reveals how the toll of this highly demanding physical job on her body led her to change her job to find an ideal work-life balance.

When the sky is not the limit: How I turned my career from Air Hostess to PR Manager while living the expat life

This week Giovanna, shares her story. She speaks three languages and has a Degree in Communication that helped her to shift her career from Air Hostess to PR Manager. She is an expat, having moved from Italy to London and from London to Paris, where at the moment she lives as a full-time mum.

From Prison Officer to Beauty Business Owner – How I followed my dream to build a new career

This week Dorota Zelazny shares her story. Dorota speaks four languages and has a background in insurance and administration. After a career as a prison officer motived by the desire to help others, she realised that her dream was to open her own business, and she went straight for it.


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