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We are curious to discover and to share with you inspirational real life stories of career change, where success it’s only measured by inner personal satisfaction. Do you have a career change story to tell? Contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.
Sara Turetta

From PR to Animal Activist: How Sara Turetta fought the odds to protect animal rights

When we are young, we are trapped in the illusion that owning or being successful are the keys to happiness. When we realise there is a hole in our soul, which cannot be filled by anything material, then we turn to what is really relevant in our lives: Something more spiritual, something deeper. I am glad I did it when I was 29, because I clearly felt I could not be happy working in advertising, while so much animal suffering was happening in the world.

How to Overcome the Fear of Change

In the current climate you might have been made redundant like thousands of others around the country. It feels hard. It’s a change that you don’t know if you can make work. But rather than see it as a mountain you have to climb without a harness or an ocean you must swim across, think of it as an exciting challenge with a potentially happy ending. Make it work. Yes, it’s a big task to take on, but it’s doable. Most people can expect to change careers nine times during their working lives. Rather than let your ‘what ifs?’ have negative connotations, use them to push yourself forward.

Military career change: How to use transferable skills and personal passions to build a new career

Whether you joined the Armed Forces because of the love and respect for your country or because it was your family tradition to do so, you have chosen a passion and not a profession. While a career in the army can provide great perks like adventurous training and travelling the world, it can also sometimes, […]

Ian Brown: Career Change, Meditation and overcoming the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis

This week for The Career Changers interview, we met Ian Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at Wireless Navitas. Ian started his professional life as a Fitter and Turner apprentice, following his dad path. After getting some clarity on what to do next, he attempted to get a white-collar job as a salesman, motivated by the idea […]

Parmjit Basra – Losing my dream job and starting again with Raja Yoga Meditation

In this episode Parmjit Basra is guest of The Career Changers and is sharing his inspirational career change story, going from a failed business to the discovery of Raja Yoga Meditation and a new career. When he first attended a Raja Yoga meditation class 15 years ago, it was because his wife kept insisting it would do him some good.

A life of career changes: From Dancer, to Opera Singer , Choreographer and Director of Dance

Maria Koripas, Movement Director, Choreographer, Coach & former Director of Dance at Birkbeck University tells her story of not one, but several career changes. She had multiples careers, going from her childhood dream of becoming a Dancer, to the training to become an Opera singer that also led her to learn several languages. Because of her extensive experience both in singing and dancing, she was then offered more work to choreograph for the Opera before becoming Director of Dance at Birkbeck University.

Six steps to overcome the challenges of ending a sports career early

(About the Author: Shilpa Laharwal is a Career Coach | Resume Writer| HR Consultant @Career Faktor) Bringing accolades and glory to one’s country by being a sought after sports person indeed is a honoured and glamorous career. You are nothing short of being a celebrity if not nationwide but definitely in your neighbourhood.  However, a […]

Ben Roseveare

My career change: How a successful career, two redundancies & burn out took me back to my old passion

According to a recent study, redundancy has been rated more stressful than divorce or moving home. If the threat of redundancy hangs over a workforce for a prolonged period, the stress level is even higher due to a corrosive feeling of uncertainty, that makes us feel we are not in control. The Guardian reports, that […]

Paola Borrescio

From Digital Marketing to Life Coaching & Spiritual Awakening; How I changed my career

Paola had a successful corporate career in Digital Marketing until the day she felt “absolutely crushed”. She suddenly realised that that kind of life simply did not resonate with her anymore.
Initially, similarly to many other career changers, she dismissed her feelings and went on living the same life for another five years, before gaining some clarity on what she wanted to do next.
After taking an interest in Coaching and NLP, she decided to attend two international courses and take her certifications while freelancing. Right after being officially certified, she left her Digital Marketing career to become a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide.
Today she is sharing her career change story with The Career Changers.

General Major Neil Marshall at the Invictus Games 2016

Military career change: How a lifetime in the army prepared me for a new career as a CEO

Major General Neil Marshall OBE, has experienced military career transition in his life. He left a prestigious role as Senior British Military Advisor for the United States Central Command ahead of time, intending to take control on the next stage of his career. From soul searching, to the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life, he shares in this honest interview with The Career Changers, the inspirational career change story that led him to become the CEO of the Forces Pension Society.


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