Mark Kelly – Somatic Therapist & Coach

Somatic Therapist & Coach

Mark is a Somatic Therapist & Coach. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a naturalistic pioneering body-based approach to overcoming stress and traumatic life experiences. By practising slowing down survival responses, getting in touch with sensations in the body and understanding the interconnectedness of body, mind, imagination and emotions, we can move from rigidity to flow.

“We all in certain points of our life may benefit from a space to share and work through challenges that come our way. Equally, you may have curiosity about knowing yourself more deeply or want to connect to your body and move towards that which brings you joy and wholeness. It would be my pleasure to be a fellow traveller along the road with you”.  


Somatic Experiencing (SE)
Somatic Coaching
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More About Mark

I am a certified somatic coach, trained at the Strozzi Institute, also an advanced student in Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy. I offer short and long-term coaching & therapy for individuals and groups. I have more than twenty years experience as a classical dancer and dance teacher which has given me a wonderful preparation for working with people therapeutically. My passion for movement and transformation is being channelled into my work as a therapist. My journey of training to be a therapist has given me an opportunity to access more of my potential as a human being and to become comfortable in my own skin. I am inspired to share these powerful healing modalities and to create collaborative therapeutic relationships with clients. My approach is gentle, intuitive and body orientated, offering a space for the body to speak and express. As you share your experiences with words we may also be curious what your body is expressing or leaving out. I trust deeply in my clients’ capacity to heal and transform and I see my role as a fellow traveller on the road. My work is deeply fulfilling supporting people to move through challenging times in their lives and come through with more resilience and a feeling of wholeness.


Somatic Experiencing (SE)
Somatic Coaching
Trauma Therapy
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Certified Somatic Coach – Strozzi Institute

Advanced Student Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy (SOS Internationale UK)

Counselling Skills (CPCAB Level 2)

Professional dancer for over 20 years

Adult dance teacher

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