Paola Borrescio – Spiritual Mentor & Coach


Paola is a Spiritual Mentor and Coach with a background in Digital Marketing. She helps people in their awakening and ascension process supporting them in finding their life purpose and soul mission and living a fulfilling life in higher consciousness.


Awakening and Ascension
Life Purpose and Soul Mission
Higher Consciousness






More About Paola

Paola is a Certified Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Regressionist committed to help as many souls as possible to step up and find their true self and purpose. From the moment we come to this world as human beings, we are given beliefs, rules and responsibilities to keep us living in a 3rd-dimensional state: we work, we pay the bills and we die. Higher Consciousness and Abundance though are our natural vibrations, our soul mission and life purpose are the reasons why we are here on Earth at this point in time, our natural talents and skills define who we are in our soul journey. Paola helps people in their awakening and ascension process in remembering who they are, removing 3rd-dimensional blockages, limiting beliefs and fears, connecting with their Higher Self and the Universe, going within, finding their purpose and creating the higher dimensional life they truly deserve.  A journey of evolution that brings wholeness, oneness and unity from the inside out.

TOP SERVICES: Past Lives Regression (QHHT), Spiritual Coaching, Afterlife Regression

 CERTIFICATIONS: Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening and Healers (by Past Life Awakening Institute), Past Life Regression – Therapist Training (by Past Life Awakening Institute), Between Lives Regression – Hypnosis Between & Beyond Lives (by KEW ACADEMY and CTAA accredited), Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Diploma (by KEW ACADEMY and CTAA accredited), Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (by Achology), Life Coaching and Mentoring with Hypnotherapy skills – Level 5 (by Evolve College – Certified IAPC&M), NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Time Line Techniques Practitioner (by Coaching with NLP)

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