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How to Overcome the Fear of Change

In the current climate you might have been made redundant like thousands of others around the country. It feels hard. It’s a change that you don’t know if you can make work. But rather than see it as a mountain you have to climb without a harness or an ocean you must swim across, think of it as an exciting challenge with a potentially happy ending. Make it work. Yes, it’s a big task to take on, but it’s doable. Most people can expect to change careers nine times during their working lives. Rather than let your ‘what ifs?’ have negative connotations, use them to push yourself forward.

Football career change

Six steps to overcome the challenges of ending a sports career early

(About the Author: Shilpa Laharwal is a Career Coach | Resume Writer| HR Consultant @Career Faktor) Bringing accolades and glory to one’s country by being a sought after sports person indeed is a honoured and glamorous career. You are nothing short of being a celebrity if not nationwide but definitely in your neighbourhood.  However, a […]