About us

The Careers Changers it’s an online community that aims to inspire and celebrate people during their journey to self-realisation.

How do we do that?

We discover and share inspirational stories of career change.

We support people that want/need to change careers but feel stuck or lack in confidence and clarity, by providing exclusive content from the best career and life coaches in the world.

We connect, collaborate and amplify the conversation about career change by partnering with organisations that identify this topic as part of their social responsibility.

Founder & Director

Elisa Martinig

Hi, I am Elisa and I am the Founder and Director of The Career Changers. I am definitely one of them. I learned from my experience, that following our dreams requires courage self-awareness and a lot of inner work.

I love to discover stories of career change and share them with the world as a source of inspiration for all those who are still “searching”. Career changes are the sum up of our dreams, ambitions, failures an successes.

After a Master Degree in Public Relations, I started a career in journalism, which I felt very passionate about. What this meant is that I was writing for a barely nonexistent compensation for three years. The goal was to have enough articles on my name and a signed documents from the newspaper’s director that would allow me to become a recognised member of The Italian Association of Journalists. So during that time, my second job was teaching in primary schools, something that I was able to do because prior to my Public Relations degree I was awarded a teaching qualification as part of my secondary school education.

Once achieved my goal of “becoming” a journalist I quickly realised that my country was not going to open any door for me and I started exploring opportunities abroad. I was offered two teaching contracts, one in Buenos Aires and one in Africa but at the last minute, as what I call my sliding door moment, I decided to come to London, with a one way ticket, two light-blue suitcases and a nanny job waiting for me, to improve my English.

I felt on the top of the world.

Eights months later I started working in digital marketing. For the next twelve years I have worked for some of the most well known brands and companies, managing successful multi-million pounds advertising , social media and content marketing campaigns. I am really grateful for what I have learnt. I met amazing people from all over the world, I travelled, and I have experienced a reality that was just a fantasy for a girl from a small town.

During those years I have also continued my search for a more meaningful way of living. I have explored my interests and my passions, created business plans, attended start up training, took more qualifications and worked on my personal development.

Until finally the day where The Career Changers was born. A community that aims to inspire and celebrate other people during their journey to self-realisation, because each self-realised person is not only a happier person but can also make the world a better place.

If you would like to get in touch my email address is: elisamartinig@thecareerchangers.com

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The Career Changers has a great international network of career and life coaches. Together we provide insightful content and events to the members of our community.

Are you a coach on a mission to help people during their journey to self-realisation? Would you like to join our community? Reach out to: elisamartinig@thecareerchangers.com

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Our partners are organisations and companies that collaborate and engage with The Career Changers as part of their social responsibility.

Together we amplify the conversations related to career change and transferable skills, we promote new ways to hire human talents, we create inspiration and opportunities for career changers and we celebrate career changers that have made the world a better place through The Career Changers Awards.

Would you like to partner with The Career Changers to promote and inspire the conversation about career change in your industry?

Whether you are in the corporate, sports, military, dance, education, or other industries, become one of the leading voices of this new movement.

Get in touch to request a sponsorship proposal: elisamartinig@thecareerchangers.com