About us

The Careers Changers it’s an online community that aims to inspire thousands of people during their journey to self realisation.

How do we do that?

We discover and share inspirational real life stories of career change

We inspire people that are thinking to change career

We support people that want/need to change careers but feel stuck or lack in confidence and clarity

We connect and collaborate with organisations that support career change across different industries

We believe that thinking to have only one job or career in our life is a limiting belief, unless that job or that career makes us happy. Life is a journey and with one third of our lives spent working it would be unimaginable to not have a desire to explore new avenues.

We all have a talent and we all have transferable skills. What if we could also be paid to be ourselves?

Elisa Martinig

Founder & Editor in Chief

Hi, I am Elisa and I am the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Career Changers. I am definitely one of them. I learned from my experience, that following our dreams requires courage self-awareness and a lot of inner work.

I love to discover stories of career change and share them with the world as a source of inspiration for all those who are still “searching”. Career changes are not the straightforward chronology written in our CV’s but the sum up of our dreams, ambitions, failures an successes.

I am a Journalist member of The National Order of Journalists in Italy and I have a Degree in Public Relations. I have been living and working in London for the last 13 years, working in the corporate world as a Digital Marketing expert for some of the most well known brands and companies, managing successful multi-million pounds advertising , social media and content marketing campaigns.

I am also a Qualified Teacher and I love to share my knowledge and expertise with whoever is interested in learning new skills and is ready to thrive.

Email me: elisamartinig@thecareerchangers.com

Anastasia Attiki

Career Transformation Coach

Having changed career twice everything I do with others, I have tested myself. After experiencing amazing results with different techniques such as NLP and transformative hypnosis, I use these when I work with others. I help them become unstuck so they can achieve success and confidence in themselves and their career. As a result, their transformation is profound and permanent.

*MA Communication *Certificate in Education – Teacher Training
*Diploma in Life Coaching – International Authority for Professional Coaching &  Mentoring (IAPCM)
*Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Member of The Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists *Healing NLP Practitioner *RTT Practitioner

Email me: anastasia@inspiringpower.com