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You are not alone. Between 10K to 100K people are searching for career change online every month

A career change can be a solitary journey. According to Google stats, every month between 10K to 100K people globally are searching information and resources related to career change.

For many, a career switch, it’s just a fantasy, an escapism from the frustrations of daily life or an unfulfilling job. For others, it’s a set intention, an action to take the next step towards the path of self-realisation. And for some, changing career it’s a burden, something they didn’t choose to. They have may lost a career they loved during the pandemic or in other circumstances; And they are trying to understand the next direction to take in their careers.

In many industries, like the sports, dance and the military, career change is often due to an early career termination. Causes can be different: age, early retirement or injuries are some of the most common.

We inspire career changers during their journeys to self-realisation

The Career Changers community aims to inspire every “career change” Google and why not, Bing searchers, during their journey to self-realisation. Our inspirational career change stories have a common thread; A career change requires lot of inner work and a good dose of soul searching.  When the direction to take gets clearer, it may arise the need to overcome internal and external challenges and limiting beliefs. Asking for help and guidance if needed, is essential. That may come from a coach, a book, a course, or from friends and family.

We like to believe that success is not the reflection of what is written in our CV’ or LinkedIn profiles, but the sum up of our dreams, ambitions, failures an successes.

So to all the career changers out there, looking for some inspiration, we hope to be your good companion during your journey to self-realisation.

With love

The Career Changers

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