The Career Changers Podcast

The Career Changers podcast is going to bring you inspiration and clarity during your journey to self-realisation. Whether you are in an industry where a career ends at an early age, like the sports, dance or the military, or you feel stuck in your corporate job, thinking to have only one job in your life is a limiting belief, unless that job or career makes you happy.

Life is a journey and with one-third of our lives spent working it would be unimaginable to not have a desire to explore new avenues. We all have a talent and we all have transferable skills. What if we could also be paid to be ourselves?


In this episode we’re going to talk about career change with Chris Whitfield, Founder of Miscarriage for Men. We will discuss his military career change from Naval Aviator in the Royal Navy to Operations and Compliance Manager in the civilian world, and what took him to create Miscarriage for men. Miscarriage for men is a community that allows men to release their emotions and see stories from men in a similar scenario as them and let them know they are not alone.

In this episode, I am meeting Abi Blears. We are discussing how she managed to change her career successfully, from professional actress to massage therapist and finally dating coach, matchmaker and online dating specialist. Abi’s career change happened after she started questioning if acting was the right career for her. At the same time, her mum fell ill and soon passed away. Losing her main cheerleader and the person that was inspiring her to be an actress made it clear that acting was not for her anymore.

In this episode we’re going to meet Marylin Rebelo. We’ll discuss how she managed to change her career successfully, from media marketing communication to “marriage preparation and celebration”, and the wider challenges of transitioning career. In her words: ” I consider myself to be someone who accompanies and who creates. The terms “officiant”, “celebrant” or “master of secular ceremonies” are often used to describe my profession. They don’t really reflect all of my work but mainly illustrate its outcome”.

In this episode we’re going to meet Karelle Couturier, founder of Atelier Brins de Malice. After becoming a mum, she’s started questioning her professional life. Following some soul searching she found the courage to leave the status and financial benefits associated with her job as an engineer to build a new life aligned with her values, and she undertook a training to become a basket maker, a craftsperson and artist specialized in making baskets.

In this episode we’re going to talk about the challenges of career change for parents with Christelle Pillot, Life Coach and Trainer. We’ll discuss how she managed to change her career successfully, from International Sales Manager in Engineering to Life Coach and Trainer, and the wider challenges of transitioning career while having children.

In this episode, I am going to meet Nina Grunfeld, British writer, journalist, public speaker and entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Life Clubs and Life Clubs at Work. We’ll discuss her inspirational career change story, fear of change, and tools and resources to overcome it. She went from being a graphic designer to author of over 10 how-to books and creator of the highly successful Nanny Knows Best brand with its own BBC1 television series. With the birth of her fourth child, Nina felt the need to turn her lifelong ‘hobby’ of helping individuals discover their purpose in life into a career, so she did change career again and created Life Clubs.

In this episode, we are going to talk about career change in the Corporate Industry, and more specifically in Marketing with Paola Borrescio. We are discussing her career change experience and the wider challenges of transitioning career from the corporate world. Paola is also going to offer interesting insights into her work as a Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor and she is going to talk about Third and Fifth dimensions, limiting beliefs and spiritual awakening. Be sure to listen all the way through for the details!

In this episode I will discuss with Mark Kelly the challenges of changing career in the dance industry and his career change journey, from Dancer To Dance Teacher and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, helping people healing their traumas. Mark will also offer listeners a free taste of his work and helpful tips to deal with career change and stressful times, so be sure to listen all the way through for the details!

In this episode Parmjit Basra is sharing his inspirational career change story, going from a failed business to the discovery of Raja Yoga Meditation and a new career. When he first attended a Raja Yoga meditation class 15 years ago, it was because his wife kept insisting it would do him some good.
Meditation enabled him to think more clearly. What he learned from the teachings reminded him that he had choices, and he had to take responsibility for those choices. Today Parmjit Basra is a student and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation. He has many years of experience of facilitating courses, talks and seminars on self-development to a variety of audiences.

In this episode Jim Hughes is guest of The Career Changers podcast. He is sharing his inspirational career change story, from disillusioned employee to Founder of The Untamed Entrepreneurs. A few years ago he was a tired, demotivated and disillusioned employee. The job that once challenged and raised him, had started to weigh him down. He had stopped looking forward to the next day and began to understand what others meant by ‘Monday morning blues’. This is when he decided it was the right time for some drastic changes in his life.