The Career Changers Awards

The Career Changers Awards are presented annually to exceptional individuals who have changed their careers to live a more purposeful life, and that as a consequence of that, have made the world a better place.

The Career Changers Awards aim to reward the courage and efforts of those who have chosen the less travelled roads in life with the intent to accomplish their life mission and to have a positive impact locally or globally. The Awards want to acknowledge the positive impacts that every individual can have on other people lives, once they are embarking on their journey to self-realisation. Throughout the world, their efforts deserve to be recognised and celebrated.



Anyone that has left the army and used their experience and skills to fulfill a new mission for the benefits of others and/or the community.


People from the corporate world who have started a new career with the intent to make the world a better place.

Other categories

People from any other background who have started a new career with the intent to make the world a better place.


Retired athletes that have a found a new purpose in life with the intention to make the world a better place.

Covid 19

People that have been affected in their careers by COVID19 and had the resilience the make a quick change and have a positive impact on other people lives.


Retired professional dancers that have turned to a new career with the aim to improve other people lives.


People that have changed their careers and they have had a positive impact on a local community, by improving or changing the lives of many.

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  • Write in the subject of your email The Career Changers Awards and specify the category you want to apply for
  • Tell us shortly the story of your career change ( for example I change from X to Y because…)
  • Explain how your career change made the world a better place
  • If possible quantify in numbers ( for example, how many people lives have you improved, are you providing a service or product that helps people to get a better life, are you protecting the environment, are you protecting animal rights or are you a teacher supporting vulnerable children…if yes how can you quantify that)?


  • Stage one: Collecting stories and voting online
  • Stage two: Announcing jury, sponsorship and date of the awards. Voting continue online.
  • Stage three: Career Change Summit and The Career Changers Awards Ceremony

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  • Dorota Zelazny
    4% 2 / 41
  • Giovanna Gentile
    0% 0 / 41
  • Sara Turetta
    2% 1 / 41
  • Mark Kelly
    24% 10 / 41
  • Donna Schoenherr
    63% 26 / 41
  • Sister Susan Thompson
    0% 0 / 41
  • Christelle Pillot
    0% 0 / 41
  • Katiuscia Colombaro Flanagan
    4% 2 / 41
  • Henrique Martins
    0% 0 / 41
  • Major General Neil Marshall OBE
    0% 0 / 41
  • Paola Borrescio
    0% 0 / 41
  • Ben Roseveare
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  • Maria Koripas
    0% 0 / 41
  • Parmjit Basra
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  • Ian Brown
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  • Jim Hughes
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  • Nina Grunfeld
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  • Karl Dickson
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  • Anaïs Alliot
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