Corporate Career Change

How a career change at 30 and adult ADHD led me to my passion

I didn’t know I had ADHD until I started testing children. I would read their assessments and say, oh my God, this is me. I started putting the pieces together and realized this is what I have. And this is the reason that I struggled so much of my life because of ADHD. It was very helpful. They say people don’t like labels. But I find that very helpful because then you can know yourself better. And then you can make decisions from that.

Ben Roseveare
Teaching Career Change

From corporate to teaching: How a successful career, two redundancies & burn out took me back to my old passion

Over the years, I have fostered a deep appreciation of the world and how geography influences differing cultures, physical processes and ultimately, the future of our planet. Geography is a subject that is crucial for students to understand; to learn how our world has developed, and ultimately to appreciate that they are the custodians of their own fragile inheritance.