Corporate Career Change

How a career change at 30 and adult ADHD led me to my passion

I didn’t know I had ADHD until I started testing children. I would read their assessments and say, oh my God, this is me. I started putting the pieces together and realized this is what I have. And this is the reason that I struggled so much of my life because of ADHD. It was very helpful. They say people don’t like labels. But I find that very helpful because then you can know yourself better. And then you can make decisions from that.

Iman Uddin Martial Arts Career
Sports Career Change

How I left Banking and Finance to pursue a martial arts career

I believe ultimately everyone has a gut feeling or inkling that’s telling them what they want to do. Whether they say it out loud or in their head most people have something that when asked if they could, they would do for the rest of their lives. If that thing in your head isn’t what you’re doing right now, as successful as you maybe you’ll always be left with a what-if.